A Beautiful Tapestry {31 Days}

We are sacred vessels,
A beautiful tapestry
Of grace unfolding.

We are earth dwellers
Excavating hidden truths,
Uncovering beauty in disaster.

We are explorers
Urged by the Whisper
Divine of Creator God.

tapestry marvia davidson


We are pages, wrinkled
Torn, and inked with life’s blood.
The story of our soul stretches
Line upon line betwixt
White space, pauses, and stops.

We are sacred vessels
Carrying an eternal
Weight of Glory.

We each are a name,
A holy bundle of passion and flame.
The gift in each of us is
One of a kind.

We are narratives
Of grace unfolding
Unfurl your wings and fly.

volcanoes marvia davidson

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4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Tapestry {31 Days}

  1. thank you Jamie. Inspired by kindred women seeking hard after the expression of God in their lives. Ya’ll keep me inspired!

  2. I think you have captured so well what our lives are like, the beauty and the struggles. I love how you end the poem “We are narratives/ Of grace unfolding/ Unfurl your wings and fly.” Your words inspire 🙂

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