After His Heart

I want to be like King David. He was a man after God. Yet, he was a man of faults and imperfections. He made egregious choices that cost lives and blessings. He didn’t have it all together. He nearly ruined his entire family with his lack of parental intercession, guidance, and discipline. And yet, he went hard after God. David still chose to actively pursue intimate relationship and connection with God. David’s many imperfections did not keep him from God.

loved marvia davidson

I read the stories about David on the bible and am floored by one thought. God is longsuffering and gracious. The stories of David give me hope. His foibles and mishaps tell me that even our broken humanity cannot keep us from pursuing God. Our inability to always have it together does not keep a relentless God from connecting with us.


Beloved, we are not without hope! We may wear the filthy rags of our poor choices, broken dreams, disobedience, or foolishness; but these things do not have the power to keep us from experiencing the ardent love of God. We can boldly advance to the throne of grace because Jesus Christ has done for us what we could never do for ourselves. He had made us perfectly whole and worthy of unfettered love. That’s good news! We have hope. We have promise. We have life.

I want to be like David, fiercely chasing after God I want to be intimately connected to this god I cannot see. I want to experience the height, depth, and breadth of His unfailing love.


The invitation is open. I can choose. God has already chosen me. After His heart I’ll run. After His presence I’ll go. In His Light all my failings lose their grip. In His Light I am free. So I will keep running after this great big God I cannot physically see. He is near. This I believe.

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