Boxes – A Story for de(tales)

moving invitation mdavidson (1)Hey friends! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written in this space, but do not fear. I’m coming back – slowly but surely. Today I’m over at Little Did She Know with Cara Strickland talking about Boxes. You know? The ones we use for packing up, putting away, and moving. I first met Cara last year through an online writing community and have enjoyed reading her stories, and I think you will too. I hope you enjoy my post over at her place. Here’s a snippet.

I recently moved. While some people find moving exciting, I do not.  It’s rather frustrating to have to pack, wrap, carefully place, and tape things up.  You never realize how much stuff you have until you move.  All of a sudden you see yourself as some kind of hoarder in need of an intervention. The last move I made was a matter of unexpected and unintended consequence. I was grateful to have had a place to land with family.

How does one remember the fullness of a life if it’s tucked away in cardboard? de(tales) story for @littledidcknow #Boxes Click To Tweet

All my life was abruptly packed, wrapped, put away, and stored in the darkness of a garage.  That was over two years ago. It wasn’t until I began the tedious process of unpacking the boxes that I realized how full my life had been.  Maybe it can be full again.  How does one remember the fullness of a life if it’s tucked away in cardboard?  I remembered how I was no longer physically holding space for all the many things I wanted, owned, needed, or cherished.  Moving sometimes does that to you.


Hop on over to Cara’s place to read the rest of the story. I’d love to see you there!  Happy Reading!

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