Crumpled Paper

crumpled paper
ruffled lives
wrinkled bits of
hidden dreams
and broken whispers

we are story
we are words
wrapped tightly as
buds waiting to bloom

story marvia davidson

we are stems
roots coursing
from crown to sole
piercing earth
yet sprouting

we are living
we are testament
we are a beautiful
we are waves unfurling
now a beautiful

Photo Credit: Jennifer Upton
Photo Credit: Jennifer Upton

I write poetry sometimes.  It is a way for me to process what I’m thinking, feeling, or wanting to write deeper about.  Today is all about being your story, being real, acknowledging the pain, the defeats, the victories, and joys.  Today is about leaning into being who you are as you are.  Part of my faith excavation is to pierce any facade within me that does not speak of truth or who God has made me to be.  These words are my offering.

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