Affirming Fridays – Holding on to Hope

affirming fridays mdavidson1 To affirm and speak hope through the dark places is no small feat. It is an invitation to speak life, to turn back despair, to speak hope, and to affirm the good. We have the opportunity to reframe the ugliness of life. This is what Affirming Fridays is all about – acknowledging the imperfections of life and choosing to unearth threads of hope and goodness no matter how frail they might seem. I believe that in the process of hunting for hope, we are changed. Our perspective shifts. Our attitudes flex and bend in the direction of expectation. Our will and ability to thrive are strengthened. That is the power of hope!

Let’s be dealers and agents of hope – people who speak life into the dark places. I believe we can make a difference. Follow and use the hashtag #AffirmingFridays on social media.  We will change this world for good one word and deed at a time. Every word of hope pierces the darkness, beating it back into the abyss of shadows where it belongs. For we are made and designed to be people of HOPE! That’s good news, so let’s share it, spread it, and multiply. It matters, and it will make a difference.

Throughout the day I’ll be sharing hope posts via Instagram and Twitter. Now I’m inviting you. Because I imagine light filling the earth and beating back the darkness. Maybe you’ll want to join the movement.

Link up. Share the hope in word, art, poem, quote, verse, art journal, gluebook, tweet, photograph, or song. Do not let darkness win the day!

darkness cannot win this day mdavidson


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2 thoughts on “Affirming Fridays – Holding on to Hope”

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    Gayl Wright on March 11, 2016 Reply

    “Let’s be dealers and agents of hope – people who speak life into the dark places.” AMEN! We need to be bringing the light. 🙂 Blessings to you, Marvia!

    • 2
      Marvia on March 16, 2016 Reply

      Thank you Gayl! 😁

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