Hope Speaks

28. October 2014 Real Talk Tuesday 2



Twilights like this one lead me to ponder life.
Am I exhausted because I work hard?
Am I tired because I’m doing the most?
Am I worn out because I’m trying to be too much?

All valid questions.

Even the art of a friendless vivid moon in
nature whispers the need for me to
be still and know.
To be still and rest.
To be still and cease from fruitless toil.
To be alone in the silence.

To be …

Why is that so hard for some of us?

Sanctuary in Euless, Texas
Sanctuary in Euless, Texas

I don’t always listen to the first hush of the hard life questions, but today I pause.  I let them sweep over me because I know sooner or later, I will have to tackle the hard questions.

Two occasions remind me what it means to be in the world but not of the world.  To be a part but set apart.  The light of a solitary moon can still pierce darkness.

The shining of a single planet star can brighten deepest shadows.  I hear again the calling of purpose.

Be who you are. Don’t waste precious time forcing yourself to fit what is not you.  Just “be”.

star marvia davidson

Perhaps you feel the light within you is too small, too imperceptible, not wanted, not needed.  Friend, let me tell you something …

You matter.  Your story matters.  Your art matters.  The call and unique purpose of your life are a gift.  What will you do with what you’ve been given?

We may stand alone, but we are not alone.  We may not be surrounded by an always-there community, but we still can shine and forge ahead.  We can still offer hope to the world.

May today be the stopping day in which you willfully choose to stop believing lies and resolve to believe the beautiful truth.  There is only one you – fearfully and wonderfully made.  Embrace the “be”.

You are loved.  You are wanted. You are needed.


2 thoughts on “Hope Speaks”

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    Gayl on October 28, 2014 Reply

    Marvia, thank you for the reminder to stop and just be. I don’t know why that is so hard sometimes. It’s so easy to just stay busy, but we need to take time to stop, to be refreshed by the Word, to be in awe of creation, to let tension and stress fall away. Thanks for your reminder that we all matter. We are unique and God can use us, everyone of us.

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      Marvia on October 28, 2014 Reply

      Thank you Gayl. I want to live remembering the promises that God’s given us. Thanks for reading too 😉

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