Hosanna in the Valley

09. April 2017 Faith 0
Hosanna in the Valley

It’s Holy Week. Another Easter is upon us, and I am pondering the cross, redemption, failing, falling, and rising again from the valley. It feels like I’ve been here for years. Okay, really it’s more like a year, but that’s still as long, long time. I’m looking for reprieve, but it’s been playing a lopsided game of peek-a-boo. So here I am in the valley looking to rise up to with the light from the darkness looming all around.

I find the one thing I can cling to is the shout of praise bubbling underneath the pressure and intense desire to breakthrough. Hosanna in the valley of brokenness whispers in my heart and soul, and I find Christ the King here with me in the middle of the wilderness. Alone. I am not in this place alone. “Look, your King is coming to you,” speaks the writer of Matthew. Christ “[is] in the center of the procession.”

Jesus knows all about the valley. He’s been there, walked the road, and triumphed. But he didn’t just rise to rest from the finished work of redemption. He sent His Holy Spirit to remind us who and Whose we are even when we’re walking in the darkest places. Jesus is not afraid of the darkness. He walked straight through it and the wilderness too, so He knows the toll on the spirit, heart, and mind from this walking. He doesn’t leave me there. He joins you and I as we sing our hosanna in middle of the valley of brokenness. Our King comes and rescues us again and again and again. I look up with hope.

A Hosanna Prayer

Broken praise escapes my lips
I cannot live in defeat’s hush
I open my mouth and recite the Words of promise
“The Lord is my Shepherd,
I shall not want. Even though
I walk through the valley of the
Shadow of death, I will fear no evil
For You are with me.”

Here in this valley of shadow and dry bones,
God is with me. I am not alone.
I sing Hosanna, Lord come.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Christ you entered into the most dangerous place.
You walked through a valley of death and did not lose heart
Oh, Christ, my King, draw near to me.
Keep me close, oh God.
Hear my broken hosanna,
and walk with me.

Here in this valley of refining,
trial, and triumph
May your Holy Presence be my guide.
You did not allow the darkness to win
So my faith and hope are in you alone.
Hosanna, to my King.
Hosanna I sing again and again and again.

Join us as we share Holy Week Reflections during this week. May hope rise in your heart and Christ keep you. You can see each day’s theme in the graphic below.

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