A Love Letter to Retreat

15. January 2017 Beloved Letters 0

Side step again.
Miss a step.

This is retreat. It is the uncoordinated, clunky dance of the will fighting and fighting, dodging life’s bullets. Re – again. Again and again and again we look back. We look forward. We move again. We pause and assess the situation. We wonder should be back down, turn around, or hide in a calming cave.

Dear soul, can I just tell you something? It’s okay if we don’t collectively have it together to continue the onward momentum. It’s okay if we’re falling out of step, shrinking back, and begging our heart for a break, a reprieve. We are not shamed because we need to take a moment to stop. Stopping is good. Give yourself the gracious space to breathe deep and settle into a resting place.

Withdrawal can be an act of rebellion – a refusal to fall into habits that destroy our purpose and our hope. #fmfparty Click To Tweet

This is retreat. Fall back. Retire. Give way. Whoever said the withdrawal was the end of the world or that it signifies defeat? What if retreat was the way to renewal, connection, and hope? What if retreat was the segue to a broken faith made whole again? Maybe, just maybe, retreat is ground for rebuilding and setting the stage to launch from a place of holy grace and strengthened foundations born of our stubborn refusal to quit on life.

This is retreat. It is withdrawal from things that no longer matter – those silly, petty arguments that lead to now where. Withdrawal from inaction, poor habits, negative and unproductive thinking. Withdrawal from places of toxicity, systems of conniving and fakery, and ugliness. Withdrawal can be an act of rebellion – a refusal to fall into habits that destroy our purpose and our hope.

So again I say, “Soul, give yourself a break.” You have all the permission you need to remove yourself from any and everything that does not speak of life, faith, hope, light, and love. Retreat does not mean you’re giving up power or that the force you’re fleeing is stronger than you. If anything, retreat means intentionally exercising personal power and boundaries given to us by the Divine One. It’s a way to live an empowered life. When I retreat, I practice power, love, and a sound mind. I find a restored sense of wholeness and wellness. It is good, and so I’ll do it again and again.

Soul, retreat. Be gracious and kind to yourself in this season. You are worth this holy pausing.

Push gently.
Pull away softly.
Forward into grace.
Backward to hope.
Side step the tyranny
of the urgent.

This is my retreat.

Friends, I want to encourage you today, to pause and reflect. Think about what your heart and soul need in this right now moment. Let’s not pass head long into 2017 without taking a moment to retreat and practice good, self care. You’re worth it.

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