31 Days of Affirmations – My October 2016 #Write31Days Series

31 Days of Affirmations – My October 2016 #Write31Days Series

31 Days of Affirmation first took hold in February 2016 as Affirming Fridays, a way for me to affirm hope when life is troubling. Particularly the series ponders what it means to hold on to those things that are good, right, noble, honorable, true, and lovely even when life isn’t so pretty. This means, at least for me, I need to engage and practice and activate my faith as I believe it bolsters my hope. I do this by affirming truth even in the storm.

I want to live a life of an engaged, activated, and practiced faith. It’s what we are called to when we choose to follow Jesus. I’m making room for the more of God living in me – His presence guiding my days. His Light piercing the dark.

I am meditating on Philippians 4 and see how an active faith is part of my ability to hope even in the darkness. It is two part. 1. God is at work keeping us. 2. We activate, engage, and practice our faith. This is what it is to live empowered. Christ infuses us with the hope and strength we need to stand even as the days are evil. So, we are not with out hope. Hold faith beloved. Your faith is not a dead one. It is made to be fully alive.


Affirming the truth can be a powerful way to hold faith when the struggle is real. Each day (or whenever I write) of the series I will post the link below. Come along and read.

Day 1 – With Me in Valley and Shadow

Day 2 – I Still Love You

Day 3 – It’s Not Too Late

Day 4 – Be Your Whole Self

Day 5 – Good Enough

Day 6 – Test

Day 7 – The World Is You

Day 8 – Not a Failure

Day 9 – Honoring Boundaries

Day 10 – On Belonging

Day 11 – Affirming Truth in Prayer

Day 12 – Here: On Being Present

Day 13 – Grace Wins

Day 14 – A Poetic Affirmation on Returning

Day 15 – Belief Is My Armor

Day 16 – We Are Loved

Day 17 – Practice Kindness

Day 18 – Rise Up and Move Forward

Day 19 – When I Want to Say All the Pretty Things

Day 20 – I Have What I Need

Day 21 – Encourage Yourself Today

Day 22 – The Valley of Weeping Will Become a Place of Refreshing

Day 23 – When You Do Not Need to Wait to Move

Day 24 – You Have a Future and a Hope

Day 25 – And This Is Love – A Compelling Love Letter Poem

Day 26 – When the Calling Is Strong

Day 27 – God Hears Us Through It All

Day 28 – Change Is Not an End but A Beginning

Day 29 – When We Must Change

Day 30 – Be a Light

Day 31 – A Beautiful Ache