The Introvert’s New York

The Introvert’s New York

Hello friends.

I’m an introvert. Maybe you are too. One thing I’ve found to be true for me is that I love quiet. It energizes me and gives me spacious room to recollect myself, dream, decompress, hope, and think.

All that to say, I never would have seen myself as one to want to hang out in New York City. It’s a lively and rambunctious city, and a place I never thought an introvert would want to be. But I was wrong. New York City has much to surprise, amaze, and delight diverse personality types – introverts being one.

Here you can follow along as I share my Introvert’s New York stories. I have no idea where’s it’s going to go, but that’s not the goal for me. I just want to share my experience and the city with you. Maybe we’ll find some common ground. So grab your cuppa tea or java, and let’s go adventuring!

You can see more of my adventures on my Instagram feed. #myjerseyyorkventures

Story 1 – You Must Look Up
Story 2 – Times Square and The Cowboy
Story 3 – Walk the High Line
Story 4 – Explore the City – through Their Eyes
Story 5 – Lower Manhattan – That Taxi Ride
Story 6 – The Rockettes and Christmas