When All I Can Do Is Pray Through

I’ve been watching  all the sadness, rage, anger, pain, hurt, and injustice spill from screen and radio.  It’s overwhelming, almost debilitating.  But there is hope for all of us.  I’m praying through it all.  Tonight I’m sharing a Psalm and how I’m working through it all.  My aim is to share my heart and my struggles to hold faith during times of various conflicts.

I Have Hope Marvia Davidson

Psalm 54 (MSG)
1-2 God, for your sake, help [us]!
Use your influence to clear [us].
Listen, God—[we’re] desperate.
Don’t be too busy to hear [us].
3 Outlaws are out to get [us],
hit men are trying to kill [us].
Nothing will stop them;
God means nothing to them.
4-5 Oh, look! God’s right here helping!
God’s on [our] side,
Evil is looping back on [our] enemies.
Don’t let up! Finish them off!
6-7 [We’re] ready now to worship, so ready.
We thank you, God—you’re so good.
You got [us] out of every scrape,
and we saw my enemies get it.

My Tears Marvia Davidson

When you have no words to describe your heart’s sorrow, pray. When you struggle to identify and join in the movement for justice, pray. When you cannot form words to articulate the rage, hurt, anger, or despair that seem to tear your heart to a million pieces, pray. When you get ostracized for saying allLivesmatter, pray. When you are wrongfully accused or maligned, pray. When your words are misconstrued, pray. When you are degraded because you say blacklivesmatter, pray. When you can’t post, proclaim, share, hashtag, or agree with the plea for justice, pray.  I have found when I pray, God somehow changes my perspective and my heart.  I grow to love in ways I never thought I could.  My capacity for empathy increases, and grow to understand a little more of someone else’s struggle.

At His Feet Marvia Davidson

My family is multicultural and multi-faceted. All their lives matter to me. We are mixed.  We are beautiful.  We are a tapestry of many colors and tribes.   I want a future and a hope for all my family, my friends, all of us, and for our nation. I am deeply grieved by all that’s been happening in our nation as well as other heart breaking issues, but I’m praying through. I hear you Ferguson. I hear you New York. I hear you and see you wounded ones. I hear your cry for justice.  I am not deaf.  I am not blind.  I ache with you.

Surely God knows and will give us wisdom, grace, and favor to make a difference. So I’ll keep praying. Final justice belongs to God alone. So I’ll keep praying for the Kingdom of God to come to the here and now on earth as it is in heaven.

Christ come to our darkness. Pierce it with your light. Christ come restore and reconcile us as sons and daughters all belonging in God’s family. Christ come and heal our land. Christ come with mercy and justice. Heal these ripped and bloody wounds. Teach us how to not be silent but to speak truth. Teach us how to lean in when it’s uncomfortable. Teach us how to pray through all matter of social injustice, immorality, and all that tears us apart and that destroys the bond of love.

God have mercy. Hear our prayers. Catch our tears in Your bottle. Make us acutely aware of the ways we relate to one another so that we can love like you love. Convict our hearts where we need convicting. Lead us in Your Love that can transform us from the inside out.

Seek Justice Marvia Davidson

Black lives matter. Let us be more aware. All lives matter. This is my heart.   This is my cry.  This is my plea that healing come.  Justice come.  Lord Jesus, come.  Help us.  Heal us.  Bridge these broken gaps.  It will take all of us working together to make a difference.  Still, I will believe.  Reconciliation will come.  Hope will rise again.

4 thoughts on “When All I Can Do Is Pray Through”

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    Gayl on December 4, 2014 Reply

    Marvia, you are a jewel. You always point us back to God. Praying really is the best thing we can do. Maybe we don’t have words. Maybe we don’t understand, but God does. I will keep praying, hoping and believing my God and Saviour. You matter so much, Marvia! I love you. <3

    • 2
      Marvia on December 4, 2014 Reply

      Gayl, thank you for reading my heart. It’s all so hard. I know that pray changes things because it changes me. I don’t understand it all. I only know I’ve had tears, surely they speak for me what words cannot say. I love you too sister. I’m glad we are linking arms. That will make a difference too!

  • 3
    Carolyn Hughes on December 8, 2014 Reply

    I’m joining you in your prayers for healing and restoration and justice Marvia. God Bless You. x

    • 4
      Marvia on January 9, 2015 Reply


      Thank you!! Best blessings to you too!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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