16. April 2017 Holy Week 0

All things made new
All things born again
All things given a chance to live new
This is resurrection.

I believe in God
I believe in Jesus
I believe in the Holy Spirit
Three in One
This is resurrection

A broken life made whole
A darkened soul brought to light
An aching heart now mended
Safe in his hands
Adopted as His own
This is resurrection

Wrapped in the power of the cross
The work of redemptions weaves
It’s way throughout eternity
None can turn the tide of
The hope of promise
This is resurrection

Unfolding in our lives, is
This glorious display of God’s
Commitment to keep His ever-after promise
The restoration of man
This is resurrection

Drink deep the words of life
For this is resurrection:
It is our reanimation, rebirth, rejuvenation,
Rally, recovery, reactivation, revival,
Resuscitation, renaissance, reinvention,
Revivification, restoration, regeneration
Reawakening, rescue, renewal

See now?
The healing work of God is deep
From bone to marrow,
From soul to spirit
From heart to life
This is resurrection

I am made new
I am born again
I am given a chance to live anew
This is my resurrection

Join us as we share Holy Week Reflections during this week. May hope rise in your heart and Christ keep you. You can see each day’s theme in the graphic below.

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