Showing Up

Life is about showing up, being present, staying in the game, and not giving up.  Sometimes that is hard to do.  I find there is uncommon grace for the hours I haven’t the strength to show up.  There is a strength that rises.  It steadies feeble knees and calms weary hearts.  Showing up.

show up marvia davdison

When I travel, I have time to ponder and rethink.  Tonight I’m dwelling on what it means to “be” in the moments of life.  I don’t want to miss a thing even if it is painful.  Pain is not for forever.  It passes.  Happiness is caught in the glimpses between defeat and victory.  

Showing up to face all of life is an act of bravery.  It is courage to face down the giants telling us to throw in the towel.  Showing up whispers resolve to our inward parts.  Showing up puts fear on notice.  Showing up reminds the soul it won’t be overtaken by the raging storm.  Showing up helps me remember life is vibrantly made when I show my face, use my voice, and speak my truth.

Why tell you all of this?  Because I need to remind myself to show up to in the everyday ordinary mundane, to the unattractive, to the seemingly pointless.  Each of these tiny moments matter because they are stepping stones to get to the next goal of the dream.  You see, I wrote a book this summer.  I want to publish it, but that means doing all the behind-the-scenes work no one sees – editing, revising, book covers, launching, networking, editing, revising, editing, rev… you get the picture.  It’s mundane.  It’s tedious.  It’s sometimes painful.  Sometimes it’s downright b-o-r-i-n-g!  But I’m choosing to show up anyway.

live fearless marvia davidson

The work can’t happen without me.  The publishing can’t be successful if I don’t make the tiny efforts daily.  The message will won’t be clear and purposeful if I do not invest in my own words.  I’m coming home to this idea of valuing my work, my words, my heart, my faith, and the call of God for my life.  I’m fleshing it out because I want to know what it really means to live a whole and abundant life.  The first step is always going to be to just show up.

Isn’t that just like God?  He requires one thing – that you believe, that I believe, that we believe.  So I’ll show up in the believing because I know He has more for me.  In the believing, I find faith showing up.

My arms are wide open.  My heart is ready.  My soul is showing up.

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