The Call to Rest in the Deep

deep calls marvia davidsonIt would have been easier to add an epic ocean photo to this post, but that would have betrayed my heart and the truth. Real talk? I’m too busy doing instead of being. I’m three months into my one word: rest, and finding much less of it. Why? Life is hectic and full, but it stops for no one. We must choose to stop for ourselves.  At some point all the busyness of doing wears us down to tattered shreds of impotent energy.

I’m choosing  to stop for myself, to rest, to breathe, to hold space for sacred pause.  Rest is redemptive.  Rest is life-giving.  Rest is an invitation.  Today AllTheThings can wait.

Do you hear the roar of water’s whisper? Do you feel the aching pull to be still?  Is there a quiet hush humming in your ears that you’ve simply ignored?  Sometimes the deep calls out from the murmur of the noise.  Sometimes the deep interrupts our routine.

Deep calls to deep. Are you listening?

There is the roar of His waterfalls. Are we basking in it?  Waves and breakers are crashing against our busyness. Have we succumbed to the body’s need for rest?  We have been invited to be still, to let quiet soothe our weariness, and to be renewed in the holy hush.

It’s Holy Week. I almost missed it. I heard the Divine wooing me to silence, to restoration, to love, to connection, to belonging, and to stillness. There is beauty in pondering the weight of Holy Week. There is a comforting solace in remember the cross and our Christ.  He finished a work no amount of my doing could have ever matched.  In this Holy Week, I am awe-struck again as I think about the ardent love of God who became a man to redeem us all.  His doing – the work on the cross – gave way to my being His child, no longer separated by sin.

The blood and thorns. Grace unfolding upon a rugged cross. Nail pierced hands and a wounded side are calling me to be still. To remember. To be whole.  To receive unmerited favor. To know that I am loved most ardently. To this I say yes.  I say yes to allowing the weight of Christ’s sacrifice to crush the lie, overcome the sin, and make me free. I say yes to living in the freedom of being a child no longer orphaned.  I say yes to hope in the thin places and yes to the broken things being made beautiful.

by Jennifer Upton
Madonna & Child by Jennifer Upton

Beauty in the cry
Beauty in the agony.
Beauty in the bruising.
Beauty in the piercing crown of thorns.
Beauty in the blood spilling down.
Beauty in the death.
Beauty in the resurrection.
Beauty in the redemption.

Yes. Deep calls to deep. I’m listening. I’m waiting. The deep of the divine is calling me – calling all of us to rest, to belong, and to be loved.

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