31 Days of Lemonade Stories {When You Write Because It’s Process}

lemons unsplash olenka kotykDay 1 – When Life Hands You Lemons

Storytelling isn’t my strong suit.  But I don’t let that keep me from writing. I don’t tend to dwell on the world of fiction and fantasy or creative and imaginative writing. I lean more toward the practical, can-use-it-right-now, nonfiction style of writing. For the month of October, I’m joining in the #Write31Days challenge with hundreds of other writers and creatives.

I find myself wanting to bring you with me to the moments that have mattered, to sense the environment, palpitations, heartaches, joys, scares, unease, upset, giggles, and everything else in between. Writing through it is part of the healing and growing process for me, and I want to share it with you.

I’ve called the series The Lemonade Stories because life is sometimes sour. It will be stories, essays, reflections of sorts, and other creative expressions about what it means to hold faith when life goes wrong or in a direction you’re not expecting. Some ideas may be uplifting while others are witness to the process of wading through the darker or difficult moments of living. Life can be a challenge. It’s not always easy, and this series seeks to explore finding the hope and faith to keep moving forward.

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The longer I live, the more I’ve come to realize we only have these right-now moments. We only have now, and so often I have missed living fully in the moment, that I’ve missed the beauty even in the pain or the forgiving ease of laughter. I’ve noticed recently how many of my thoughts begin with “when” moments. They are those moments I’ve had upon walking through the yuck and hard stuff, like when you think you can’t, you can. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When, when, when. So that’s how many of these stories will begin. Maybe you’ve had those moments too. You’re not alone. We’re in this together.

Here’s to taking the sour things of life and reframing them to find the sweetness of faith, hope, and resilience. I hope you’ll join me on this month long journey.  You’ll also find me sharing bits and pieces on my Twitter and IG accounts. I’d love to see you here as the series kicks off, October 1st.  Scroll down to follow along with each day’s post. You can also subscribe to my blog here.

In the mean time, tell me, how you make life’s lemons into beauty and triumph.  Let’s make life sweeter!


Each day of the series I will post the link below. Come along and read.

Day 1 – When life hands you lemons – scroll to top of this page to read.

Day 2 – When the Dreams Fade

Day 3 – When The Only Way Out Is Through

Day 4 – When You Don’t Have the Rights to the Story

Day 5 – When the Victor Doesn’t Win

Day 6 – When You and I Know About Me, and You Still Choose Me

Day 7 – When You’re Ready to Throw in the Towel

Day 8 – When You Engage the Crazy Or Not

Day 9 – When  You Are Afraid to Live

Day 10 – When the Prodigals Return Home

Day 11 – When There Is Freedom in the Pain

Day 12 – When Whispers Come in Prayer

Day 13 – When Prayer Is a Conversation with God

Day 14 – When Life Threatens To Overtake You

Day 15 – When the Story Is All Yours to Own

Day 16 – When Grace Wrecks You

Day 17 – When Shame Tries to Catch You

Day 18 – When Nobody Sees Your Work

Day 19 – When You Get Passed Over

Day 20 – When You Choose to Keep Showing Up

Day 21 – When You Don’t Belong

Day 22 – When You Need a Love Letter to Yourself

Day 23 – When There Are No More Words

Day 24 – When Stability Is What You Seek

Day 25 – When You Must Look Back on the Past

Day 26 – When Disconnecting and Disengaging Is Rest

Day 27 – When God Calls Your Name

Day 28 – When the Truth Is Hard

Day 29 – When Fun Is Revival

Day 30 – When You Are Gifted Time

Day 31 – When the Process Opens Your Heart

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Lemonade Stories {When You Write Because It’s Process}”

  • 1
    Rachel Kathrine on October 3, 2015 Reply

    Oh I LOVE this title, what a creative space, cannot wait to read along. I am writing too on 31 Days of Faith x

    • 2
      Marvia on October 3, 2015 Reply

      Thank you Rachel. It’s process and choosing to write through it for me. We’ll see where it takes me. Thanks for reading!!

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