A Future from Dark to Light

A Future from Dark to Light

I see the future. It looks abysmal. Now before you get overly concerned, I want you to know I don’t believe it’s going to be dark or horrific. That is my emotional response to the last two weeks of life and seeing so much hate, evil, destruction, sadness, loss, and ugliness tearing us all apart. And I’ve learned over the years to get gut level honest with my feelings so I can get to truth and freedom. I am no longer willing to live in horror or fear of my emotions. I own them, allow them to speak, and get to the root of whatever needs dealing with. And so it is with this post. If we keep going this way, on our own, without loving or caring for one another, then of course the future looks abysmal. But this one thing I refuse to stop believing: God is in charge and He is at work in ways I cannot fathom, and we can partner with Him to be His hands and feet in every nook and cranny of earth. We can be the change our world needs.

God’s love in us compels us to love and reconcile with one another and the world around us. If this is how we lead, live, love, create, engage, and work, then I believe there is so much hope for the future that nothing could stop the burgeoning hope that comes from our choosing to stay human, to work out the divine nature of God in each of us, and to wear love and care for it like it’s our own skin.

The stakes are higher than ever. We live in a time, as many others have, where faith cannot  be empty words. It must mean something, and that something is made most evident in our doing. That doing comes from our being – being children of God who live, move, and breath as He is in this world. Because the truth is, we are as He is while we are here on this earth. God is in us. His character, love, attributes, and goodness reside in us.

Friends, this is not tedious work. We’ve been equipped to do it. By the grace of God and His Holy Spirit, we can be all that He has called and meant for us to be. Our future life and times are in His hands. The part we play is to love Him, love others, and continue to do good words. I can’t get stuck on the injustices that are senselessly not made right. I believe God has a way of avenging each and every one of us, so I’ll trust Him to do what only He can do. I’ll keep showing up. I choose hope. I choose life. I choose love.

I invite you to join me and become what we desire for our future. We are each other’s neighbors, so let’s take good care of one another. Let’s lean in and do the work. God is with us, and it will make a difference. Our future is bright.

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7 thoughts on “A Future from Dark to Light”

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    Esther on June 4, 2017 Reply

    Amen and Amen, Marvia. I kept nodding my head in agreement throughout your post. Thanks for the wisom and ecouragement you shared.

    • 2
      Marvia on June 6, 2017 Reply

      I appreciate your encouraging words!

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    Sue on June 4, 2017 Reply

    Such an important message here! Thank you for writing it, thank you for believing it and thank you for living it. I really do believe that love and kindness and grace can change the world. At least the small part of it that we inhabit. And hope is so important to keep that love, kindness and grace alive. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I’m a new follower from FMF.

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    “We can be the change our world needs.” I agree wholeheartedly with this! “We live in a time, as many others have, where faith cannot be empty words.” With this statement, you speak my heart, friend. This is so true of us. We must be risen to do more. We can’t save the world but we can be the catalyst in which change moves to shine His light. Thank you for this post. It’s beautiful and I’m so glad you’re blogging and joining at #fmf. Hugs hugs.

    • 5
      Marvia on June 6, 2017 Reply

      Yes. Let’s keep on being light! Thanks for reading.

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    Tara L Ulrich on June 6, 2017 Reply

    Amen! I so hear you sister.

    • 7
      Marvia on June 6, 2017 Reply

      Thank you! 😉

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