A Love Letter for the Weary

Sadness, grief, fear, and overwhelm pervade our media and social networks. You can’t get away the noise and disruption. It causes anxiety and threatens hope and peace. We live in an age of weariness from all the woe coming from our world. It’s everywhere, and while that may seem impossible to deal with, we still have lives worth living.

To all the weary ones, let not your hearts be troubled. I don’t know your situation or the details of your circumstances. Maybe you are tired. Maybe you are sick. Maybe you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Can I tell you something? It’s okay to feel the depth and breadth of what’s going on in your heart. It’s okay to acknowledge life isn’t so perfect and that it challenges your resolve to keep moving forward. And it’s okay to disconnect from all the noise that clouds your ability to well and whole.

rattle snake ledge by cam adams

We all, to some degree, get knocked around or shoved into corners where we cringe from putting on our brave or putting up a good fight. We all have shown up to life only to be disappointed, and yet we’ve also had those moments of breakthrough where goodness pierces through our pain. Let’s all take a deep breath and remember we don’t have to have it always altogether. We can slump in the chair because we’re exhausted from carrying all the things. We can say no without guilt to those things that wear us down. We can turn our weariness into rest. We can choose not to participate in vain and foolish arguments that add to the sadness and grief.

For the weary ones, I say lift up your head. We are not done living. We have so much hope simmering under the surface of what may seem impossible. We can keep moving forward without fear. We were made for love, peace, and joy. It is our choice to live out those things and not succumb to the overwhelm around us. We get to choose our state of mind and our state of being. We are powerful because we can choose.


Today, let’s choose life, faith, and hope. Perhaps as we hold to those things that build us up, we can offer that goodness to those around us. Maybe it will change how we interact with others. Maybe it will change the atmosphere of the places we live, love, work, and worship. I’d like to think we can each make a difference where we are by holding faith and being real.

Weary ones, don’t lost heart. Find rest; be renewed and steadied to rise again.



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