A Scandalous Grace

04. November 2016 Affirming Fridays 0

It’s Affirming Fridays!!! Let’s speak life into the lifeless things that need to be revived. What truth do you need to affirm over your life today? I want to cling to grace in this right-now moment. Today I affirm the power of grace which turns me around from folly and destruction to hope and healing.

You and I are so well loved by God. Nothing we do makes Him love us less. Does our foolishness and sinfulness hurt His heart? Yes, because it breaks our fellowship with Him. It keeps us from entering into freedom and fullness of life. His desire is for us, and He longs for us to walk in the image of Him in us. It is His kindness and grace that continually invite us to return to Him. That’s good news!

Grace. Grace is a beautiful thing to experience. It’s baffling and mysterious to me when I read Old Testament stories especially in Genesis. Folks were messed up, but … God still chose them and they were a part of His grace-redemption story. This encourages me because I fail in faith sometimes and wonder if God will still love and accept me. The answer is yes. Yes! Yes. The cross and sacrifice of Christ Jesus are evidence enough for me.

So scandalous and counter intuitive is the grace of God! It is a scandalous grace that gives beggars, liars, cheaters, harlots, idolaters, schemers, murderers, and any kind of dysfunctional, messed up fill-in-the-blank-kind-of-person to receive favor they certainly do not deserve… they were redeemed and invited to His story of amazing grace. So I ask myself, “how then can I judge another when God has a history of using unlikely people to do extraordinary things. 

This is a scandalous grace, and I am grateful for it. I look at the men and women the Old Testament and find threads of redemptive hope that refuse to let us go. We are invited to be a part of this story. We are invited to be people of grace – sharing the glorious, messy beauty of unmerited favor.

I invite you to be a people who practice life giving hope even in the dark and unsettled places. Share hope in word, art, poem, photograph, tweet, quote, or song.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #AffirmingFridays. We will change this world for good one word and deed at a time.

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