Agree on the Side of Love

Love is a powerful force, and that is not simple cliche. It is truth. The act of loving calls out the best in each of us. Love binds us one to another cementing our loyalty and connectedness. It compels us to fortify one another in ways that build and edify. It causes us to fight for what is true and right. It is the thing that turns a hardened, broken heart into one that softens with grace. To love is a choice, an act of our will, and it is nothing to be taken lightly. Love is powerful. I don’t know about you, but I want to see more love in the world – the kind of love that repairs, restores and heals. It must begin with me. I must make the choice to agree to love.

You and I have the choice to agree on the side of love, and maybe that begins with learning to love ourselves well. For in loving ourselves well, we learn to love others well too – imperfections and all. I think we need more of this kind of grace. It is a grace which allows room for the messiness of relationships and resolution of conflict. I’m not saying being a doormat and allow ourselves to be treated horribly. I am saying, for myself, I want to learn to love people well by extending grace and compassion toward my own self because it softens me, increases my capacity for kindness, and smooths out my rough edges. When I come into contact with people, I want to be able to hold space for them to wrestle into more of who they’re meant to be. Maybe that’s hard to do if all you receive is judgment and marginalization.

Agreeing to the side of love means I am going to let you be all you without trying to control or manipulate you and not hold it against you because I’ve done the same for myself. Is this revolutionary? Probably, but I think it’s what the death and resurrection of Christ teaches us – you’re worthy of love despite your imperfections and inabilities. You’re loved even when you make mistakes. None of those things keep you from being welcomed into the kingdom of God. His love is boundless, unconditional, restorative, life giving, and it draws us back to Him – right where we belong, as sons and daughter who belong at the table. I want that belonging to be evident in my life. I want it for all of us. I pray it for all of us. I’m choosing the side of love. I’m choosing to agree to love me well so I can live out the command of God to love you well too. God’s Spirit and grace are more than enough to equip me to do this work, and may it be for each of us desirous to be salt and light.

To help me remember my why for this work, I am lettering bible verses about love for the month of February (find my lettered posts on Instagram). Join me, and let’s get rooted and grounded in all we called to be as representatives of God who love.

How does agreeing on the side of love compel you? Tell me your stories too. I’d love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “Agree on the Side of Love”

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    Lesley on February 3, 2018 Reply

    I agree, I want to see more love in the world. And we can make a start by showing grace and compassion to ourselves and to others. It can make a big difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! Visiting from FMF.

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      Marvia on February 3, 2018 Reply

      Lesley, thank for reading. Grace and compassion are definitely needed for all of us. 😊

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