August Lettering Invitation

I took up hand lettering a couple of years ago as a hobby and creative therapy practice. This year want to get better at the craft, but I didn’t want to letter just to letter. I wanted to write things I needed to hear and remember- things that encourage, empower, and equip me. In April I did a 100 Day Project focused on lettering bible verses and affirmations. I did it every day, missing 1-2 days, but I did it. When it was over I realized I didn’t want I stop writing, so here I am continuing with my purposeful practice. Each month I want to focus on different parts of the Bible as a way to remember, know, and understand who God is and what He has called me to.

For the month of August, I am lettering through the book of Romans – particularly through chapters 12 and 13. I want to remember Whose and who I am in Christ. And that means remembering what God has said about who I am and what He is called me to be and how He has called me to live as I walk this earth.

I invite you to join me on the journey. Letter these verses along with me, and share you work. I’ll be sharing mine here (sometimes) and all the time on Instagram at @LetteredLifeVerse Even if you’re not into lettering or art making, meditate on these words. God’s word is life and health to us. So, let’s dive into His word and know Him better. Ponder the verses. Think about them. Bind them to your heart. Art journal through them. Journal through them. Blog about them. Tweet about them. Sing about them. Take photographs that remind you of what it means to live these verses. Make something that helps you remember Whose and who you are. Tag them with #renewalthroughromans so we can share our hope.

I encourage you to write your own reflections too. Ask the Holy Spirit, “what are you saying to me?” and write what you hear Him speaking over and to you. I can’t wait to hear what He is saying to us. It’s going to be good. Let’s dive in and grow together.

Share your thoughts.