Beginning Again {Real Talk Tuesday}

19. January 2016 Real Talk Tuesday 0

We are in a new year, a new season, a new time. It’s 2016, and maybe like me, you have lots of dreams and visions. Maybe you even had dreams and great plans in 2015 too. Well, not many of mine came to pass because life. Life happened and derailed my best made plans and contingencies. In 2016, I am beginning again. It’s a new year, a new slate, and right-now moments to live fully alive.

But let me be real with you, just because it’s 2016 doesn’t mean it all turned magical for me. I started of this year with a bang, full of hope and anticipation, and a ready-to-take-on-the-world attitude. I’m glad I entered the year that way because 2015 ended less than stellar. In fact, it ended with heartache, disappointment, unfulfilled dreams, missed opportunities, let downs, unexpected losses, and crisis after crisis with family and friends. Let’s just say, it was a rough year, and yet, I survived. I survived the darkness that loomed above my head. I survived the madness of hope being shredded to tiny slivers. I left 2015 with a strong desire for breakthrough. I want to see it happen. I want my dreams to be alive and manifested physically. I have books to write, art to make, songs to write and share, and many creative endeavors that are not for me to keep to myself. I want hope, faith, and tenacity to propel me forward, and with God these things are possible.

propelled mdavidson

I know God is not some genie waiting to fulfill all my hopes and dreams. He’s not my Santa Clause. There is a part that only He can do when it comes to me living out the fulfillment of my heart’s desires (Psalm 37:3-4). There is also the part that only I can do which is to show up no matter how small the opportunity or chance may seem – to what is good, right, noble, just, edifying, (Ephesians 2:10, Galatians 6:9, Philippians 4:8) . My will is my own. Not even God controls my will. I, alone, can do that, though I can live a life of submission to His will by bringing mine under is good fathering of me. I have the power to choose to do or not do a thing.

God is teaching me I can begin again. He’s been showing me it’s not over yet. I have much more work to do. This truth remains beating in my heart: what God has planned and purposed for me to do will come to pass. He keeps telling me to move forward and to not be afraid. I’m choosing to trust him, to throw off fear, and to forge boldly ahead.

purposed mdavidson

In 2016, I am willfully and perhaps forcefully, choosing to begin again. I do not want my life to pass me by. I do not want to have any regrets about not taking chances. It’s the reason I’m choosing to break-the-give-a-dam, as my coach would say. So I’m asking myself what I would do if I were not afraid. Friends, that list is long and wide and ever growing, and as I lean more into this year I’m finding tiny strength here and there to will myself to take risks, do the creative things, and take advantage of opportunities that come my way. They might be small, but they sure are having a mighty impact on me and my identity. Because really this business of fear is an affront to identity. In Christ I am not to be afraid. In Christ I am more than a conqueror. I am made for good works. I have hope, purpose, possibility, and am fiercely loved!

In 2016 I can begin again. You can begin again. We can begin again. Actually we can begin again at any time. It is our choice. So here’s to choosing to begin again when life derails us. Here’s to fostering courage in the darkest moments when we barely see the light of our courage. Here’s to making each step matter towards the burgeoning of our heart’s purpose. We are made to do these good things brimming in our hearts. We are made to see those things come to pass, to partner with the Divine One for the strength and grace we need. We can begin again.

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