Breakthrough Is Coming

06. September 2016 Pressing In Series 0

Today I’m over at Altarwork sharing a story of I wrote last October when I hit my limit. That was a rough day. The old me would have found all kinds of ways to blame someone else. But that day, I opted to lean into the pain and discover what was really going on. Though it wasn’t a pleasant experience, I learned how to move through the situation while waiting for breakthrough.

I’ve had more days like that than I care to count. They keep piling up one after another. Tiny issues seem to grow bigger beyond repair. It isn’t just one thing coming at me but multiple things. Life can have so many unexpected twists and turns that I was left breathless, restless, even fed up, and worn out. I was on the brink of giving up.

threshold mdavidson 31 days

I learned a while ago I cannot ignore my feelings. I have to acknowledge what is the root, the real issue to be dealt with so I can overcome. I have to stop and ask myself why I’m reacting as I am or in what ways are my threshold is being challenged. If a threshold breaks, that doesn’t mean it’s going to break me. If anything the boundaries of my thresholds are flexing in ways I had not previously conceived. I find it interesting how asking the hard questions, takes the steam out of the emotions and gives me a chance to think objectively. It gives me a chance to find and get rooted in freedom. I certainly need more of that in my life.

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