Broken and Beautiful

Welcome to Real Talk Tuesday. In this place we write about the real – particularly the reality of living a life of faith in a world that’s rough and tough. This week our theme is broken and beautiful, and I’m sharing a poem. Sometimes the writing process is about allowing the soul to speak. I hear you soul, and take heart, our God is near – ever close to the brokenhearted.


beautiful redemption

Tattered edges fray upon
The edges of this heart
Life has been a fight
I am worn and weary

Sighs of disappointment rattle
Like echoes in the mind
The journey is wrought with snares
My heels ache from the bruising

Tears fall, crashing
Like waves against inner resolve
The hands grow limp
From want of waiting

This is the broken
Little pieces of life
Protruding from the soul
This is my broken


Drag these heavy bones
To the secret, holy place
A beautiful reckoning is promised there
Rest this tired body on the floor
A beautiful redemption draws near

Oh, broken one
Look up.
Your Redeemer has come.
Broke and beautiful
You will be restored

Fractured lines of heart and spirit
Exposed before the heaven lies
Life has been renewed
I am seen and heard


Deep breaths of healing calm
Anchor hope within this soul
The way has been cleared
My feet made like hind’s feet

A truthful smile spreads across this face
Legs strengthened with steel resolve
As I am steadied in His presence

This once was broken
Now together, back again
Aligned and made well
I am no longer broken

Oh, lovely soul
Look up.
Your Redeemer has come
Now made beautiful whole
You have been undeniably restored

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2 thoughts on “Broken and Beautiful”

  • 1
    Gayl Wright on April 19, 2016 Reply

    Marvia, I love your poem. It’s kind of like a psalm in that it starts out seeing the broken but ends up with hope and joy and renewal. Beautiful! Love you!

    • 2
      Marvia on April 19, 2016 Reply

      Gayl, thank you! That is so encouraging to hear. It feels like movement when we go from darkness to light. Thank God for His leading us through it all!!!

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