10. November 2014 Real Talk Tuesday 0

Nothing is too small to celebrate. What are you, will you, or can you celebrate?  Join the Real Talk Link up today. Today I celebrate HOPE.  I celebrate friends and family who have spoken to the broken places in my life.  God was breathed life in me through them.  That is a miracle.

hope by marvia davidson

I celebrate the gift of grace.  I didn’t earn.  I’m quite relieved I don’t have to work for it either.  Grace is unfolding in the knooks and crannies of my life, and it is beautiful to behold.

I celebrate the unraveling of rigid creative thinking.  I see I create beyond just words.  I find I can do more than I thought or imagined.  I celebrate that I am not some one-sided personal.  I am multi-faceted with layers of the divine peeking through.

Today I celebrate that I do not walk alone.  God is with me.  He has surrounded me with wonderful community.  I am not without hope.

What’s your celebration story?

Share your thoughts.