Conquer With Good

Fight evil with good. Good matters, so fight back with goodness. It has a way of tearing down wickedness and hardheartedness. Stoop up not low. Raise up not down. As Michelle Obama once said, “They go low. We go high.” Go higher friends. Fight evil with good. Practical goodness. Let’s heap it on their heads like honeyed grace.

Whatever change for good we desire to see requires that we become what we expect. Ahhh. That!!! That is the gut-wrenching, soul changing piece some of us don’t want to tackle, but it’s so needed. Change from the inside out. Recent events have reminded me not to get so focused on what’s wrong and failing. Instead, it’s time for me, and maybe you too, to focus on practice, life-giving responses to bring resolution. it’s time to activate our faith and put it into practice. Embrace the move of God and be an extension of His goodness on the earth.

My prayer

God of heaven you never change
Your ways are good and right leading to abundant life.
God of heaven watch over me as I sleep tonight.
Whisper over my soul the promise of your presence.
When I awake fill my mouth with your words and my heart with your love.
Anoint my hands and feet to be carriers of your goodness.
Give me wisdom and insight to know how to practice goodness in all I say and do.
Break the fallow ground of my heard, and drench my soul with your love.
God of heaven you never change.
Your ways are good and reading always leading me to life

Tell me your stories. I want to hear them. For the rest of August we’ll be reading through Romans 13. Come read along and letter your own verses. We invite you to pause, be still, and hear what God is speaking over your life.

Join us for the month of August as we letter through chapters 12 and 13 of the book of Romans. You can following along on Instagram with @LetteredLifeVerse with the tag #renewalthroughRomans.


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