Creative Arts

In addition to writing, I enjoy the creative arts. For me this involves musical and artistic explorations. You’ll find samples of works I make: songs, gluebooks, art journals, mixed media, handmade cards, and baked goods. The artistic process is another way I wrap my mind around my words, hopes, dreams, desires, and faith.

I believe we are all multi-faceted individuals with unique gifts and ways of expressing ourselves. I want all I do to be an expression of the hope and faith I cling to. Maybe that will encourage you. What’ll I’ll tell is that I do this for work for me – a way to remember who and Whose I am.

If you’re interested in purchasing or licensing one of my artistic creations, please contact me at marviadavidson at gmail dot com. I’d be more than happy to talk to you about the art I make, availability, and pricing.