Creative Practice in the Chaos

The earth aches. It groans with a heavy rumbling, breaching its boundaries. We are left reeling from the the quaking of its wailing. Chaos. Darkness. Gloom. All are pressing against us threatening to overtake us. In moments like these hope is imperative. Speaking life and acting with love toward one another are critical. While there are many practical ways to do this, one way I choose to do this is with creative practice and shining light in digital spaces.

I know it may not seem like much, but there are many ways we can be light and hope in a chaotic world that go beyond just watching it unfold and feeling helpless. Sometimes we may not be able to physically be in a place to offer help. What else can we do? Donate, give time, show up in your right-now neighborhood, or make art that makes a difference. Every small gift matters. For me it’s donating to causes I know are working to make lives better across the globe and in my own back yard. But what what the online world of 24/7 access?

I think we live in an age where choosing to be digitally responsible is needed now more than ever. Information overload can be taxing. Being exposed to so much chaos, turmoil, and sadness can be wearying on the heart and soul. I’m finding that creative practice gives me an outlet to process it all and to give a bit of encouragement no matter how small. People are looking for light and goodness. Digital spaces can be a wonderful space for sharing words and images that edify, calm, and soothe.

Today I want to challenge all of us to take a moment and look for the good and speak about the life we choose to find in it. Take time to unearth hope amid the darkness. Be a light for someone else. My go-to practices involve using tools like Canva and Unsplash to share positive (on my art Instagram) and uplifting quotes with images or tiny 2-3 sentence thoughts that remind me to not give up up. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Speak from your heart, and your words will find the home they need. Who knows? Maybe your words will help another soul navigate their own chaos or at least encourage them to hold on to hope.

Tell me how you’re spreading hope in the darkest moments of life. I’d love to hear your stories.

In the month of October, I’m participating in the #Write31Days challenge. I’m focusing creative practice in the ordinary, everyday mundane. Each day (or whenever I write) for the series I will post the link on my page for my #31DaysOfCreativePractice. Come along and read.

Share your thoughts.