Depend – Five Minute Friday.

Depend – Five Minute Friday.

Seasons come with gentle force. Seasons leave us with more questions than answers. We wonder and wander along the path of life itching for solid-rock assurance. On whom can we rely? On whom can we depend (cling to) to hold us together when all else falls apart? I’m thinking about these and other things in a world in such dire need of hope and constancy.

God. And God alone. He is more than able, more than capable, and we can depend on Him to keep all His “yes and amen” promises. We can take Him at His word.

Maybe you’re tired of being disappointed in your fellow humanity. Perhaps you’ve been let down more times than you can count. Maybe life simply refuses to cooperate with you right now. Maybe that just me. But, real talk, a life of faith is one that must be exercised and certainly when life is challenging and relentless in provoking trials. We choose to believe and to trust. We choose to depend on God for everything we need. We choose to believe He is still good.

God never disappoints. He is always true to Himself. And while the outcome doesn’t appear the way I want, it doesn’t mean I can’t trust Him to do good in my life. So, tonight I remind myself that faith is the substance of what I’m hoping for. It is the evidence of what my eyes cannot immediately see. Faith asks that I live by it and not by what I see. So I’ll depend on God to walk with me and ask Him to reveal his goodness so I can recognize the work of His hands. He is at work on my behalf despite the chaos around me. He is the peace I need while I’m in the storm, and I will find rest. I pray the same for you.

It’s Five Minute Friday, and the prompt is “depend.” I’m linking up with Kate Motaung and the #fmfparty family.

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