Dissonance of a Nation – #loveanyway b/c we need harmony and #reconciliation

I think the word that describes the current state of affairs in our nation is dissonance. We lack harmony in so many areas. There are cracks, groans, and sighs of despair and hurt. There is a pervading sense that things are not going to work out, that thbecause bag won’t change, that we are destined for destruction. But I am believing against all lies, angst, and disunity that there is hope for complete restoration and reconciliation between us and among us. However, this is going to be work. It is the work of love, justice, and mercy in the face of every kind of adversity.

We need harmony.
We need love.
We need hope.

We need men, women, and young folks to step up to the plate and say, “I’ll be the one to love anyway. I’ll choose to set my face like flint as I head into the raging storm, and call out love that is hiding in the depths of the darkness in the hearts of people.” As Jesse Duplantis would say, “I’ll be your two.” And there is such power in partnership.

In these critical days of 2017, it seems like God is calling us to go deeper, to partner with him to be his hands and feet in the war zones of our communities. Are you willing to rise and be his hands and feet? Are you willing to lay down your pride and reputation for the sake of His kingdom come? This question isn’t just for you. It’s for me too. So I’m asking the hard questions, and allowing myself to be uncomfortable in the discomfort. There’s a work God wants to do in us and through us. Maybe he’s not so much concerned about my being comfortable with what’s happening in the world. Rather God love through us in places that have never known him. Our capacity is expanding in ways we cannot comprehend. But the grace of God continues to enlarge our hearts.

I believe there is goodness waiting to be born in all of us. I think what we see happening in our world now is it cry to be loved, wanted, purposed, invited, and accepted. If we know Jesus, this is what he calls us to do. He invites us to reconcile people to him and help them see who they’re called to be. God’s invitation knows no color. He plays no favorites. No one is above anyone else. We are all invited to belong, to come to his table and rest, and to be a part of his family. We belong to each other. And it’s time to share that sense of belonging in every nook and cranny in which humanity occupies space.

Step up, believer. Live loud what you believe. God us already empowered and equipped you to do this mighty work. So let’s link arms, love well, and be unafraid.

Tell me your stories. I want to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “Dissonance of a Nation – #loveanyway b/c we need harmony and #reconciliation”

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    Cindy Rae Erdman on August 15, 2017 Reply

    My experience: the disharmony projected to us by media most often fails to exist in the “real world”. My experience: there is harmony among us. What I see in us every day is that very wonderful harmony. I hold on to that when others only want to show the cracks and despair. It is difficult to deny the hope and love I see every day.

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      Marvia on August 16, 2017 Reply

      Thanks for reading. I have so many friends who live in this stuff, and it’s just heart wrenching. I’m choosing to listen, even when uncomfortable, to make room for their stories, to hear their hearts, to link arms, go shoulder to shoulder, and choose a better way to show how much we belong to each other. It’s hard stuff but worth it. 😉 And I know some harmony exists in some places. I want that for our nation regardless of media- tv or social. We’ve got much more work to do.

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