Don’t Pretend to Love

Don’t pretend to love others. It goes without saying, but maybe we all need to be reminded, that real love is no pretense. Real love cannot be faked or forged. It will show itself. To truly love is a work of heart. It is an act of volition, a way to respond in the opposite spirit. It is holy, sacred work. It is a gift. It is sacrificial. It is choosing people without condition. It is seeing people the way God sees them.

To love like God loves changes our perspective, widens our hearts, and increases our capacity. When I love like Him, I can’t help but see the good and nurture it. May we all become men and women who love people into wholeness, goodness, peace, and purpose. May we love in ways that build bridges and restore hope. May we love in ways that demonstrate the extravagant grace of God. 

Tell your stories of living well. It matters and makes a difference. Keep on loving!

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