Draw What You See (#Election2016 Thoughts)

Draw what you see. It’ll take shape as you keep showing up. So I keep showing up. I keep drawing hope and life and light even in the dark places. now more than ever we must find the Light and fan its flames. There is redeeming power in living from a place of hope.

Sure, I have other things to do to cross off my already long to-do list. But there are times you go with the idea that’s most pressing in the right now moment. Today I am wondering about outcomes while maintaining my peace no matter what may come. Here I am, taking stock, and changing my perspective My to-do list is on pause. Maybe you feel it too.
You lean into because it beckons you to give it voice.
You intercede.
You pause.
You seek.
You listen.
You pray.
You do the work.

Later you return again to the foundational things and continue the work of building bridges and ministering reconciliation. This is my work, and it is sacred, humble work. And I believe it can be the work in which we all engage to make this world and  our nation, a better place.

I’m pondering where we’re at in America. My hope and faith are not in any one man or woman but in the person of Christ. I’m holding faith and keeping my peace. I’m doing my part to make a difference. I’m also learning to listen better, make room for different voices, and allowing the Holy Spirit to check another person including me. After all, He alone does the work of conviction that changes and soften hearts. I want to get out of His way and be a part of His redemptive plan.

Tomorrow will come and go. Will we bear one another’s burdens and sorrows? Can we grieve with one another because of the division that breaks the charity within our walls? Can we stop pointing fingers and instead speak life and hope with honor? Will we survey the land of our collective brokenness, and weep bitterly? I long for unity and restoration. I long for peace. I long for a place where you and I exhort one another to be our better selves rather than the demons seeking to destroy us. These are things I want for us wholeness, health, and unity. I want it for ALL of us.

So I’m praying. I’m leaning in. I’m wrestling. I’m laying down my right to be right because I’d much rather be in right relationship with God and with you. I’d rather lay down my pray life bed and pick up the shattered pieces and help us redeem the time and our future. Tomorrow will come and go. Will you still make room for me? I will make room for you as because you are welcome at this table.

On the lines of my heart I’m drawing bridges. I’m preparing my hands to catch you when your knees grow weak. I’m painting pictures of a world of hope because these are not just flights of fancy. I’m choosing the way of love, grace, and mercy – gifts that are restorative and so needed in our world and especially here in America. Peace and gentleness were made for us. I’ll do my part to cultivate them. How about you? Can you draw what you see?

Tonight I am reminded, my peace is not at the whim of man, event, election nor any other thing. God’s peace becomes deeply rooted in us as we hold on to Him and His promises. No matter what happens on Election Day, we have this hope an anchor for our souls. The government is on Christ’s shoulders. Take heart, beloved, and be at peace.


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