Embrace {FMFParty}

Embrace is a word of beauty and comfort, hope and solace, love and belonging. I wonder, though, if we’d all feel the same about embrace if we applied it to the challenges we face. I wonder if we would change our perspectives and see differently how embracing struggle doesn’t make us weak. Instead, it bolsters our faith and enables us to overcome. Embrace can be an active expression of living a life of faith.

While I’m not a fan of trials and challenges, I also know they are the very things that prove our mettle and make us stronger. Hard times have a way of shining a light in our hearts. They challenge us to rise to the occasion feeble kneed and quaking. I’m in one of those kinds of seasons right now, and embracing it has allowed me to “power” through. I don’t ‘mean this in a get it over with kind of way but in a way which acknowledges my ability to persist.

Persistence and embrace go hand in hand. I don’t think you can have one without the other. To overcome, to rise, to win, to grow require persistence. I am learning if I am to persist well, then I must choose to embrace the storm I walk through. It doesn’t mean I have to be okay with it. For me, I’ve learned to see the struggle as a place where there’s room for beauty to grow, faith to expand, and for hope to crush despair.

So I keep showing up to life, embracing its totality and gently pushing forward. I encourage you, friend, to not lose heart at the site of the mountains or storms you face. Embrace the challenge, and forge ahead.

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