Encourage Yourself Today

Hold on to faith and do not give up. For day 21 of my #write31daysofaffirmation series, I am pondering what it means to live a little more encouraged everyday. When I think about being encouraged, I am reminded I need only give that gracious push to myself to hold on to faith. I already have when I need to live with faith, hope, and purpose. Living with a sense of courage empowers me to live in my own skin and in the calling on my life set forth by the Divine One.That is good news to know we are more than capable of living with fearless intention and boldness.


King David, in the Old Testament of the bible, lived with such intention and bravery. However, the kind of brave I want to focus on regards us allowing ourselves to live with a deep sense courage. You see, David found himself in a tough spot when things didn’t quite go the way he’d intended. It was so bad that the people he was leading wanted to stone him. David could have been fearful, down in the dumps, and ready to flee for safety, but the bible tells us this:

Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.
1 Samuel 30:6

The last line of the verse is what encourages me the most. Despite the threat of danger, David chose to act and move from a place of hope. He strengthened himself in God and didn’t wait for someone to do it for him. He did for himself what I think God has enables all of us to do – to encourage ourselves in Him no matter what. I believe this is another way to live with affirmation. We choose to look for and unearth hope even in the darkness or pressing threat of storms. Strengthen yourself in God. How do we do that, affirm and encourage ourselves in God?


There’s no one-formula-for-all or time requirement. In fact, the scripture does not tell us how long David took to build himself up in God. All we know is that he did it. I find that thinking on what is good, noble, just, right, kind, and true helps bring me out of the dumps. Reading the word of God, meditating on it, reciting it, and writing it consistently also help me turn my self around from despair to  hope. This isn’t just imaginary, positive self talk. It is knowing and remember who and Whose you are and that you are not without hope. God is our source of hope, and He never fails us. When I think of encouraging myself, I think about the times God has come through over and over again. Whatever mountain I face, quickly shrinks in the light of His presence when I make the effort to strengthen myself.

Friends, trust that Jesus knows you—the want of your heart, the desires for your life. Trust Him to remind you of His goodness despite the valleys you may walk through. Remember that He is good, kind, and will come through for you.

Let’s choose courage. Let’s choose hope. Let’s choose strengthen. We can do these things for ourselves and find refreshment for our weariness. Hold on to your faith friends.


This is day 21 of my 31 Days of Affirmation. In this series I’ll affirm hope, faith, truth, and encouragement even when life is troubling. Particularly the series ponders what it means to hold on to those things that are good, right, noble, honorable, true, and lovely even when life isn’t so pretty. You can read all the series posts here. I hope you’ll be encouraged.

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