Extravagant Connectedness (Holy Week Reflections)

Relationships are about connectedness. They’re also about intimacy. I know that already might make some of you uncomfortable. I get it. When we talk about connections and intimacy, it often brings up vulnerability, being seen, and being heard. That can be unnerving, but today I want to tell you about the extravagant connectedness we can have with God. He isn’t just interested in us going to heaven. He is genuinely interested in walking with us, side by side, in our right-now lives.

This has been a most interesting week for me because I couldn’t talk that much. Of course that makes it tough to communicate with people. Voice matters to me and it matters in how I can connect with others – through verbal expression. This week I’m learning that even when I cannot vocalize my prayers, thoughts, concerns, and ideas with God, I still have written words. I have God’s word on which I can meditate, and I can train my mind to reflect in these moments where my voice cannot speak for me.


I’m rolling over and over in my mind the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. His prayer, at least to me, is one of an internal, violent suffering spoken aloud to God, the Father – the god to whom He was intimately connected, the One He trusted implicitly.

I cannot even begin to fathom the heaviness Jesus carried. To know His time had come. To know He was going to die. To know and accept there was no other way to repair the bridge of connectedness we once had (and was broken) with God before Adam and Eve fell. This is heavy. It was this very intimate connectedness that Christ had with God that relied on as He prayed in the garden, alone but not alone. It was in that darkness where He sweat blood and tears that God was STILL present. And He is still present with us.


I remember this when my words fail me. I remember this when my voice cannot speak for me. I remember just how low Christ made Himself in order to raise me up to right relationship with God. And in my quiet moments where my voice doesn’t work, I turn my heart to this garden scene and picture Christ picturing me – joy set before Him. He did not keep silent.

He chose the the Way of the Cross. He chose to live into the Story of Redemption and became our eternal Redeemer. That’s good news, and for this I am forever grateful!!!


This is day 3 of Holy Week Reflections. During Holy Week – which is the remembrance of Jesus Christ, His death, and His resurrection I am sharing my reflections on these holy things. I invite you to join the story of Holy Week. You have a place at God’s table. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are, God is inviting you into His story; and it is one of extravagant love.

Follow along here each day this week. Feel free to share your Holy Week reflections on the link up each day, and share it with friends. You will find all my reflections posted here by the end of Holy Week.  I’ll be using the tag #holyweekreflections on Instagram and posting a daily link up on my blog each day the week.


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