An Extravagant Love – This Is Enough {Holy Week Reflections Day 1} 

This is enough. That we are invited to personally know the God we cannot see. This is the forceful yet awe striking wonder of Holy Week. Can you hear the whisper of heaven call out to you. It’s there amid the rushing hum of life. You and I are invited to the greatest love story ever told. The Christ story is unfolding narrative of an extravagant love that that will never die.

This is my prayer for you and for me. May you deeply know God’s presence deeply during this holy week. May you have moments of holy awe and wonder. May you find grace in the uncommon hours to soothe your soul and bolster your heart.

loved fiercely mdavidson

You are invited to a love story. It is the story of God who gave up His only Son so that you could be with Him forever. A life in love and peace and joy and hope. This is not the fantastical. This is not hyperbole. This is not new ageism. This is not woo. This, beloved is truth. God loves you so much.  His gift to us is free and all about real relationship. His story drips with extravagant love – love that refuses to give up, love that won’t let go, love that is steady and sure and completely trustworthy , love that is unconditional, love the pushes out every fear.

Jesus came and broke down every dividing wall. He has made it possible for us to love wide and deep, to experience a tender compassion that drives even the hardest hearts to be loved without condition, and to live into all we are divinely meant to be.

invited mdavidson


God loves you fiercely. This is enough! God will take you as you are. He loves you as you are.
How do you get to this God of this Holy Week?

Believe. Simply believe in the One He sent. This is enough. This is His story and you and I are invited to it. Will you come? Will you listen to Him whispering to your heart, “Come. You belong here. You are welcome here.” This is love. It is an extravagant love. This is enough. What Christ has done and continues to do in us, through us, and for us is ENOUGH.

erased our sins mdavidson


This is day 1 of Holy Week Reflections. During Holy Week – which is the remembrance of Jesus Christ, His death, and His resurrection I am sharing my reflections on these holy things. I invite you to join the story of Holy Week. You have a place at God’s table. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are, God is inviting you into His story; and it is one of extravagant love. Follow along here each day this week. Feel free to share your Holy Week reflections on the link up each day, and share it with friends. You will find all my reflections posted here by the end of this week.  I’ll be using the tag #holyweekreflections and posting a daily link up on my blog each day this week. You can also use the link up photo below. Share away. This is story meant to be shared around the world.




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