Found Acceptable {August Lettering Invitation}

For all He has done for me, I gladly yield. He is good. He IS good. God is good. No matter what, I yield. I found to be found acceptable in Him. I know I am already accepted by Him because of what Christ has done. I’m talking about living a life that’s worthy of Him, and perhaps that is the sacrifice – giving up living life on my own frail terms. So, I yield.

I know in Christ I will find fullness and abundance of life.
Whatever he’s asking me to let go of, lay down, or give up must surely be for my good and for His glory. So, I yield. In the yielding, I grow to love Him more and without distraction.

What is this sacrificing you and I are invited to? Maybe that depends on each one of us and just how near we desire to be with Him not letting anything get in our way. Maybe it’s showing up and serving. Maybe it’s being inconvenienced. Maybe it’s waiting for someone. Maybe it’s being still when we’d rather run. Maybe it’s giving. Maybe it’s giving up the right to assert our rights. Maybe it’s listening to the conviction of God that sanctifies us.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Only you and the Holy Spirit can know. So ask Him. I believe he’ll reveal it to you. Pray. Ask. Seek. May your sacrificial living be found acceptable in His sight.

Join us for the month of August as we letter through chapters 12 and 13 of the book of Romans. You can following along on Instagram with @LetteredLifeVerse #renewalthroughRomans.

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