Friend, You Know Me

20. March 2017 Beloved Letters 2
Friend, You Know Me

You ask me tough questions that make me squirm with
the discomfort of the truth veiled within your words.
You see me; the real me isn’t hidden from you.
Every broken, protruding piece of me is not unsightly to you.
You want to know me.

You do not shrink back in horror when I fail
to live bright and beautiful. You envelop my
life with kindness, blessing, hope, and an unfailing love.
You desire to know me.

You reach in when others would rather turn
away in disgust and shame.
You are not afraid of me.
You are not angry with me.
You are not threatened by me.
You do not tire nor grow weary of me.
You long to know me.

My name is on your lips, written upon
the palm of your hands.
Here in the quiet place,
you remind me I am yours forever.
You won’t let me go.
You’ll never let me go.
You know me.

Friend. Daughter, Beloved.
Wanted. Accepted. Forgiven. Chosen.
You have changed my name.
You have always known me, and now
I long to know you more –
deeply, intimately, and truly, for you have been
more to me than I could ever ask or dream.
To know you and be known
by You is my deepest treasure.

Embraced by the fullness of your presence,
I am changed. I come undone.
Torn from ragged sins and mistakes
that would have destroyed me, but you…
You chose me.
You keep choosing me.
You. Know. Me.

Beautiful is this gift of grace.
This is the invitation of full and
abundant life in the God I cannot see.
You know me.
You see me.
You love me.
You, God, are enough.

You call me friend, and now I can call you mine.
God, my Friend, You know me, and it is well with my soul.
All is well.

Linking up with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. This past Friday’s prompt was “friend,” and this is my response. I’m always amazed at the friendship of God. This is my love letter to God. He so desires to have relationship with you and I, and that is a beautiful gift that no one can ever take away. Know Christ, and be known. Invite Him into your heart (all He asks is that you believe in Him) and have forever life and a forever Friend. He’s so good.

2 thoughts on “Friend, You Know Me”

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    Lynne on March 23, 2017 Reply

    I absolutely loved reading this. So true. Thank you. FMF #73

  • 2
    Tara L Ulrich on March 23, 2017 Reply

    Beautiful! There is something so incredible about being seen, known and loved! I’m in the 35 spot this week.

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