The Extravagant Gentleness of God {Holy Week Reflections}

The gentleness of God is extravagant. For day 2 of holy week reflections, I am grateful for the gentleness of God. We fail. We sin. We mess up. We get it wrong. We deserve the worst, or we think there is impending judgment meant to destroy us- to make a lesson out of us. We cringe wondering what God will do to us because of our failing. We think the other shoe will drop. We think we will not be loved. We think we cannot be redeemed, and that is a lie! We’re wrong. We have hope, for the gentleness of God is extravagant. God desires our full restoration, to commune with us, to be intimately connected to us. He wants to know us and for us to know Him.

gentle God mdavidson

The gentleness of God is extravagant. He comes to us when we are most broken, beaten down, hopeless, and without any way of paying Him pack. He reaches into our lie. He kneels down in the dirt with us in our pain. He is not afraid of our frailty. He was heavenly came to earth and became dirt of the earth and restored us. This is the extravagant gentleness of God.

So when we fail, we find that it’s His kindness that leads us to repentance. His love disciplines us. He does not give us what we deserve – the penalty for our wrong doing. Instead, we are met with grace. We are met with the conviction that draws us nearer to God. We see the blood of Christ paying and atoning for our sin, bringing us a healing we didn’t know we needed.

not too much mdavidson

It’s Holy Week, and I am desirous of knowing God more deeply. I want to be more acutely aware of His presence. This takes me trusting God and being totally vulnerable and real with Him in conversation and day-to-day living. May it be; for this is the whisper reverberating in my heart, “Come home to the heart and love of God. Wake up soul to the love of God”.

The father heart of God whispers, “I love you. I always have. I always will.” Even our human frailty and brokenness are not too much for Him. So come. Come with all your hurts, habits, and hang ups. Come with all your failure. Come with what you have. The gentleness of God exceeds the limits of our failings. Come and be made well. Come and be made whole. God is not waiting to lash out at you in anger. Christ bore that for us. God looks at you with eyes of gentle love. He sees you, and you’re the apple of His eye.



This is day 2 of Holy Week Reflections. During Holy Week – which is the remembrance of Jesus Christ, His death, and His resurrection I am sharing my reflections on these holy things. I invite you to join the story of Holy Week. You have a place at God’s table. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are, God is inviting you into His story; and it is one of extravagant love.

Follow along here each day this week. Feel free to share your Holy Week reflections on the link up each day, and share it with friends. You will find all my reflections posted here by the end of Holy Week.  I’ll be using the tag #holyweekreflections on Instagram and posting a daily link up on my blog each day the week.



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