Extravagant Silence on Good Friday {Holy Week Reflections – Day 5}

The sky grew dark.
Not a sound.
Heaven turned away, or so it seemed.
Heavy breaths sucking in, weakly pushing out.
The weight of darkness folding in upon Him
And this is Good Friday

Nature held its breath
The sun turned back
Birds stopped in flight
taking cover in the trees
The wind grew still
Heaven watched, waiting
Blood spilling down, down, down
And this is Good Friday

Heaving sighs gave
way to violent pangs
“Eloi, Eloi,” cries the Christ,
“Why have You forsaken me?”

In the deep sank the final blow.

Taunts and cursings
Hideous laughter all around
Focused was the god made flesh
Who spoke in triumphant whisper,
“It is finished.”

Death was defeated.

One last breath sucking in deep,
Wincing from the cutting pain.
Christ breathed His last.
No more breath.
The ghost given up.
A body broken.
A veil was torn.
And this is Good Friday

Cracking the earth
With holy, splendor
The King vanquished
every foe.
Access once denied
Is now regained.

The King will rise
The Son will rise
The King and Son will rise!
For this is Good Friday.

This is Day 5 of Holy Week Reflections.

During Holy Week – which is the remembrance of Jesus Christ, His death, and His resurrection I am sharing my reflections on these holy things. I invite you to join the story of Holy Week. You have a place at God’s table. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are, God is inviting you into His story; and it is one of extravagant love.

Follow along here each day this week. Feel free to share your Holy Week reflections on the link up each day, and share it with friends. You will find all my reflections posted here by the end of Holy Week.  I’ll be using the tag #holyweekreflections on Instagram and posting a daily link up on my blog each day the week.


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