Grace in Thin Places {Affirming Fridays}

Grace in Thin Places {Affirming Fridays}

You come to the edge of your despair
Drawn by a piercing light.
You’re ready to give up, give in,
and admit defeat.
This is not the way meant for you,
but grace:
Grace keeps calling you forward;
And so you step lightly,
carrying the weight
of the world on your shoulders.

This is an invitation to
unmerited favor,
a divine wrestling that
doesn’t leave you broken,
but rather one that leaves
you wholly intact
and empowered to rise from the ashes,
It is a grace compelling you to
hold on to faith
while laying down every burden, stretching you with the steel of overcoming.

Grace upon grace is dripping from heaven’s gate,
gently coursing its way to
your heart and soul.
You, dear one, are not alone
on this walk.
Grace induces the birth of your mettle so you can stand strong in
thin and broken places.
You survey the wreckage and
you have vibrant
life beating in your heart.
You are not defeated
But for grace.

We question not how this favor works.
We know some things are impossible to
ascertain from a human viewpoint.
We only know we have an insatiable pull
toward living into the promise of hope
despite the challenges and trials assailing our lives.
Grace in a thin place presents itself over and over again, imbuing us
with a powerful resolve.

You are standing between rock and hard place.
Hanging on to hope.
Standing and wondering as you look back,
“how did I ever make it through these things?”
Grace, dear friend, grace has kept you
Held you,
Gently pushed you,
And whispered to your soul’s core.
It was and is grace that continues to expand your capacity to triumph through insurmountable odds.
You are a walking miracle because you do not give up.
Do. Not. Give. Up.

You come to the edge of all you had
to offer drawn by a persistent hope.
You’re ready to assert a don’t-back-down faith.
This is the way of the overcoming warrior whono longer
shrinks back in fear.
Grace carries you onward,
And so you walk bravely, carrying the
lightness of Holy Presence.
No longer turning back in fear,
You rise.

It is grace that continues to expand your capacity to triumph through insurmountable odds. #affirmingfridays Click To Tweet
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