Here: On Being Present {31 Days of Affirmation}

Life can be softness and delight, joy and lightness. It can also be stranglehold and pain, gloom and heaviness. This is the ebb and flow of living out our ordinary, everyday lives. We rise; we fall; we rise up again and again. We are here and there, then here again. Isn’t it funny how the “here” beckons us to come and sit a while? The place of here is the crucible of life.

Maybe you’re walking out tough circumstances like I am right now. Maybe you’re not. Perhaps you’re struggling to find the light of hope in the darkness. Me too. Yes, we are here. We keep showing up. We do not give up. We continue leaning in when others would have thrown in the towel in surrender. Not us. We didn’t get that memo. Maybe we’re gluttons for punishment, or what if we call it what it really is – brave courage and tenacity.

Being in the “here” is not comfortable. Waiting and sitting in “here” raises questions, tests our faith, and causes us to throw things that do not feed our ability to stand strong in the moments of trial and adversity. But I think many of us would rather be “there” than “here” – a dream away, an idle wish for something that could have been but is not, a way of numbing the current hurt because maybe it’s just too much to bear. What if it weren’t too much? I wonder of living in the here and now can be circumvented, but I know it cannot be.

The only way out of the “here” is through. There is no segue, no cheat sheet, no escape hatch. Yet, I am finding a kind of solace in choosing my here and now because I want to work through the yuck now and not later. I want to overcome as I overcome. I want to rise from this heap of ashes rather than some flighty, unformed hoax of reality. I choose the here and now because God is already with me in it. Yes, He can see my future and knows what will come, but I do not. Well, I do at least know I can trust Him to get me to my “there.” I believe strongly that God helps me navigate the now. He lights my way as I go. I am choosing with mustard seed sized faith, and it is enough for the “here.”

God isn’t asking me to make some huge jumping leap outta this right-now moment. Walk by faith is all He asks, and it’s all I can do. “There” is coming. Every day I get a little bit closer. I imagine we are made whole and strengthened as we walk through the valleys and shadows. I imagine we internalize a hope that cannot be shaken or destroyed when we choose to travel from heartache and pain to healing and wholeness.

Choose here. You’re not alone. I’m not alone. God is with us on the journey. He sends us help at just the right time. Tonight I affirm this path is not without purpose. I reaffirm that God has good plans for me, to prosper me, and to give me a future and a hope. This is my comfort. Yes. It is more than enough. friends, I encourage you to be fearless and hopeful as you face your here and now.


This is day 12 of my 31 Days of Affirmation. In this series I’ll affirm hope, faith, truth, and encouragement even when life is troubling. Particularly the series ponders what it means to hold on to those things that are good, right, noble, honorable, true, and lovely even when life isn’t so pretty. This means, at least for me, I need to engage and practice and activate my faith as I believe it bolsters my hope. I do this by affirming truth even in the storm. You can read all the series post here. I hope you’ll be encouraged.

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