Breathing Alive

I originally posted this in November 2013, but it still resonates with me, so here it is again.  Because some words never lose their power.

fly marvia davidsonBreak out of your comfort zone. You were made for more, so much more. Have you purposefully chosen to live in the in between moments? Now’s a good time to take stock of what really matters. Now is a good time to allow discomfort to propel you to the more your life was designed for.

Think of this … You’ll land the dream job, then what? You’ll get the salary you want, then what? You’ll pay off your debts, then what? You’ll do that dream thing you’ve been wanting to for years, and then what?  You’ll break barriers and tear down walls that lead to freedom, and then what?  Will you have “arrived?”

Then what???

Let the question sit.  Marinate on it.  Does it unravel your objections?  I sure hope so.

Those questions will come.  Perhaps they’re knocking at your down even now.  Can you answer with confidence that you lived every pregnant-opportunity-moment to the fullest?  Will you be able to boldly say, “I gave it my all every step of the way.”

Transitional Movements by marvia davidson 2013

These moments are all we have.  And I am reminded of these moments as I remember uplifting words from Jeff Goins today, “in all of life we are in this space.”  I only have the time I have now.

I only have the moments I’m breathing alive – now.  I am IN the moment as it is, and I can choose to live in it.  I can live it well by choice, or I can louse it up by choice.  Whether I’m waiting in line, stopped at a light, waiting for someone to show up, or sitting in silence … I have a choice to live out each moment.

awesome road acuff

Life was made for living right, fully, intentionally, and in this moment. More wise words I’ve heard from Goins, “We can be who we’d like to be someday now.” Powerful! We can be! Now!

That resonates with me. How can you ensure that every moment gives birth to that which is good, wholesome, empowering, uplifting, and encouraging?

You only have this one life.  One brief life on earth to be about the business you were called and uniquely, divinely designed to do.

So … what are you going to do to live better among the in between moments?


4 thoughts on “Breathing Alive”

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    God must be wanting to reinforced this lesson for me, because there are certain words you used that have been sparking in my own heart…
    Like taking times for the pauses, for the inbetween moments, for the now moments… to be fully present in the spaces in between “events”. … Also, “giving my all” is a phrase that means so much to me… it’s how I want to live each day.
    I woke up one morning, and I sensed God saying that “quality of life” is so important to Him that we will each be evaluated by how well we lived our lives. In other words, this training school called life has tests…. and “quality of life” is one of those lessons we get to learn. He wants us to ENJOY a quality life! That so much blesses me – that our Father cares about us so much that He wants us to have a quality life, not just a life…. I love what you have to share, Marvia … I’m sure you’re “powered-up” after the meeting with Jeff Goins… and I’m glad you’re rubbing off some of it onto us here 🙂

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      Marvia on November 4, 2013 Reply

      Susan, you took the words right outta my mouth, and I was totally inspired by Jeff Goins! It’s seeking in. It’s why my one word for 2014 will be intentional. I want to live with intentionality in every aspect because I know that will settle a better quality of life. 😉

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    Carolyn Hughes on July 14, 2014 Reply

    It took me such a long time to realise that the most important time is now. This post is such a great reminder to live my life to the full, the way God intended. Nothing can change the past, and no-one can predict the future, but today is for the making 🙂

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      Marvia D. on July 14, 2014 Reply

      Yes to living full and in the now. Thank you for reading 😉

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