It’s Not About the Busies

I had grand ideas for my 31 days of writing project. But life.  It happened.  I may or may not write for 31 days straight.  You see, I have a book to edit.  It’s been waiting on me for a two months now.  It’s time for me to dive in, dig around, unearth more treasures, and polish this piece-of-coal-birthing-diamond in the making.  Will it be a best-seller?  Probably not.  Will millions read it?  Maybe.  Does it matter?  Not really.

I wrote the words for me.  I wrote to tell one story of many of my stories.  I’ll talk more about the book later.  Today, I want to resettle into being rather than doing.  But, I also know that doing this excavating will inform my editing process.  The book is a story of identity, and this 31 day series is a deeper exploration of identity.  It’s going to be a win-win!

beautiful marvia davidson

Life is not about the busies.  Life is not about the doings.  Life is about being and abiding.   This is where I want to root my 31 days of excavating faith.  I cannot promise to write everyday.  I can choose rest, wholeness, and leaning in to this right-now.  It seems more fitting as another decade turns towards its end and a new one begins.  Things that were pressing, no longer seem as important.  Dreams that lay dormant are coming to life again.  I don’t want to miss any of it.

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