Love, Compassion, and Hospitality. #loveanyway because it matters. Love will always win!

I’ve been thinking about this love thing God calls us to. Y’all, it’s serious and life changing business to love like Jesus. It strips you of every piece of selfish ambition and anything that gets in the way of loving people to wholeness and reconciliation. The love of God compels us to do good and honor others. It is wide and deep. And it is a love that we all most desperately need.

Here are two verses I lettered yesterday day and the day before.

Romans 12:12

Romans 12:13

I see these words: rejoice, be patient, practice hospitality, and I think how in the world is one supposed to do that in a world that is cold and angry and upset?! But we’re called to do these things. And somehow, someway as we do these things, the Spirit of God endows us with the ability to do what we thought we could not do. Somehow the Spirit of God empowers us. That is a miracle and a comfort. To know that we are not doing this work alone encourages my heart. All God asks is that I show up, do good works, obey his word. 
This in essence is the Gospel: love God, love people, do what his word says. It’s that simple. We don’t have to make it harder than it is. So today I’m choosing to live into this gospel. I invite you to do the same. 

Think about these verses as we travel through the book of Romans chapters 12 and 13. Ask the Holy Spirit what he is saying to you, and what he’s inviting you to do. Grace upon grace, I pray for all of us that we would be his hands and feet. That we would be unafraid. And that our capacity to love practice kindness, compassion, and hospitality would expand.

Who will you invite to the table?

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