Loved in the Wilderness

I am loved.
I am a child of God.
He is pleased with me.
Robert Madu

You know when you hear a common theme among three different pastors, God is speaking – breaking through to you. He’s done his part – to keep you, hold you together; and love you without condition. Now it’s your turn. How will you respond to the ordinary, everyday breakthrough he has fashioned for your right now moment? Today I’m holding on to that Robert Madu quote as I walk through valleys and wilderness because I need to remember who and Whose I am before every and any storm hits.

No matter what comes in life, this much is true: and we are loved. We are children of God. He is pleased with us. Maybe your in a wilderness right now. Me too. And yet we are not alone. Even Christ walked this wilderness road, but before he did, God the Father and the Holy Spirit affirmed and confirmed Christ’s identity – a son who pleased the Father even before he did the works. A son clearly identified and recognized by the Holy Spirit. So it is with us. God spoke of who Christ already was before he did the work of ministry.  

In Christ we are sons in whom He is well pleased and sealed by the promise of His Holy Spirit. Remember that when the storm hits. You are STILL loved, a child of God, & pleasing to Him even before the trials and tribulations hit. You are loved whether or not you do the works. You are pleasing to God before you begin the journey. You are beloved before to set your hands to work. The work we do does not define who we are or whether or not we’re accepted. You see, we were accepted when we believed in the One God sent. 

God didn’t hold back his approval of us before we could demonstrate loyalty or live or commitment to Him. He proved and continues to prove his eternal commitment to His children long before they do the work or pass the tests of life. This is even more important to remember when we walk through difficulties and challenges. God desires that we remember who we are because storms cannot strip us of identity. If anything, they offer us a deeper glimpse into who we’re we’re always meant to be – chosen, accepted, forgiven, and beloved. 

So hold on to faith. Remember who and Whose you are. You belong to the King, and nothing will ever separate you from His love. Nothing at all. As you walk through the wilderness, this promises still hold true: 

  • Before the storm and wilderness of testing, God loved you – made you His beloved. 
  • Before you set your hands to do good works, God was pleased with you. 
  • Before you could demonstrate belonging and priority, God called you His child. 

This is all good news. Today, be encouraged. 

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