When the Miracle Exposes the Heart

miracle marvia davidsonI just experienced a miracle of God’s provision. He has healed me many times, given me peace multiple times, and held me together more times than I can count on my hands. But this miracle of the provision kind has exposed my heart in His presence.

Perhaps a miracle is a wonder because God shows up. Maybe it’s a wonder because we were at our wits end. Maybe it’s a wonder because we had no where else to turn, and only God could intervene. Maybe.

Did I doubt God? Did I believe He could or would even be able to provide? Did I wonder if He really cared? The miracle has exposed my heart. Why is that when we ask God for what we need, our faith sometimes fails to uphold our belief? Did we doubt he would come through for us when we needed it most? Were we looking for something spectacular, over the top, outlandish, and newsworthy? Why do we wreck our hearts and minds with worry? When the miracle does come we doubt still. God have mercy. When the miracle comes we ponder if it really is the right answer for us. God have mercy. When the miracle comes we are undone by the grief of our own unbelief. Oh, God have mercy, for the revelation of the miracle has exposed our hearts again. The miracle is not about me. The miracle is about honoring God and the display of His power.

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Were we undeserving? Probably. Were we merited? Probably not. But this IS grace – unmerited favor popping up in our lives in ways we could not have fathomed. It IS grace from God revealing itself in the everyday ordinary mundane It is God at work behind the scenes, on the scene, doing a new thing and allowing it to spring up before our eyes.

The breakthrough is coming. The breakthrough has come. The miracle exposes our heart. God shows up and works mysteriously on our behalf. Again, I am undone.

God cares about all those things that concern us. He cares. He cares. He cares. He is not some far off God who is not acquainted with our sorrows and joys. He is a right on time God. He comes at just the right time. He is god that way. His miracles expose our hearts to his goodness, his mercy, his grace, and is overwhelming ardent love. Today, I am amazed by God. Some times he gives was better than what we deserve because He is good!

Perhaps it is not the provision of God that changes us, but the act of His working on our behalf showing again that He is Jehovah Jireh the Lord our Provider. Perhaps the miracles expose our hearts to God in ways that heal the ways we relate to Him. Cracks and crevices in our faith become filled with His presence. I am again undone.

miracle sun marvia davidson

Why tell you all this, beloved? Because I want you to hold faith. I want you to keep pressing in. I want you to not give up. I want you to know that God is a miracle working God who is all about restoring you to right relationship with him. I want you to know God loves you and wants you to belong, to be a part of His family. I want you to know in the asking and pleading to God, we inch our hearts ever closer to Him. And He comes. He shows up. He works in mysterious ways to do His good will in us and through us.

So I’ll humble myself in the sight of God. I will grieve my doubting and lay it at the foot of the cross. I will allow the presence of God to consume my heart with love and hope.  The miracle has exposed my heart to the benevolent love and kindness of God.  For this, I am grateful.

How about you? How have miracles changed you? I’d love to hear your story.

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