Motivation – Time Is Now {Five Minute Friday}

11. January 2018 Thoughtful Thursday 0

Dear 2018,

Let’s make nice, and get along. You and I have so much to be done, but first things first. There are some things I’ve got to let loose, say goodbye to, and acknowledge from your lovely predecessor called, 2017. I won’t list those things. This is just my way of saying “let go to forge ahead.” In this new year, I want to be motivated, but not for motivation’s sake. I want to remember my why, my purpose for living a full and abundant life.

Motivation isn’t only about feeling good about doing impossible things. It is the motive/reason for doing that thing you can’t not do. January seems as good a month as any to resurrect a deeper desire to get things done, yet I want it to be sustainable and attainable. I don’t mind a stretch goal. 2017 gave me lots of opportunities to stretch, but you, dear 2018, you’re asking me to up the ante. I think I’m okay with that idea. While I don’t know what it fully entails, but I am willing to go the distance, face the fears, throw off doubts, and walk in boldness. I am motivated by an intense desire to overcome my own internal barriers.

There is an urgency wafting in the air, and I don’t think I am alone in noticing this. It seems as though there’s a calm pull to get things done is weaving itself in the hearts and minds of people across the globe. In our right now lives, we’re all invited to make this an “it” year. Perhaps every year has been this way, but this year feels heightened. It’s not a bad thing, but rather something to heed.

No more putting off dreams. No more excuses for not showing up. No more stay-busy-so-you-don’t-have-to-face-it moments. Now is the time to dig our heels in the ground, to rise up with faith even if it’s mustard seed sized. The time is NOW. For each and everyone of us, no matter our age, our time is now.

What motivation is haunting you like a beautiful melody longing to be heard, expressed, and shared? What is that thing you must do that you’ve been putting off for too long? What is it you really fear? It’s time to answer those questions so we can set ourselves free. 2018, let’s make this work and do more than we could ever dream, ask, or imagine.

There’s so much good in store for us. Tell me your stories. I’d love to hear them.

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