Moving Forward

I wonder sometimes if in our pursuit to be ourselves, we overstep the boundaries of rest. I wonder if the constant moving forward compromises renewal. Does it alter our perspective or give us a sense of progress? What if progress meant standing still? I wonder if we, I, could weather the silence of rest.

I’m thinking restoration is more than just inner soul work. It’s also a physical process. We are not energized bunnies who can go-go-go. We were not made for just the occasional commas. We were made full stops too. Maybe that’s counter intuitive. Maybe it’s misconstrued as laziness. But maybe it’s the divine way we gather strength to continue the journey.

renew Marvia Davidson


Couple rest with grace and the life of Christ, and you see a picture of a life in balance. Christ’s life moved forward. It had momentum, but He knew how to rest well. He didn’t stay busy just to get the Father’s work done. He took breaks. He had his own rally time. I don’t know about you, but this is good news! I’m not obligated to the world’s view of constant action and no down time. I’m not obligated to live life at a breakneck pace. It’s simply unhealthy for me.

My power, hope, thought-life, and authority to live well are restored when I rest. Clouded visions and dreams become clear when I break away to reassess. My heart finds reprieve when I give myself room to stretch out and rest. I think we unlock hidden momentum when we rest. It’s like a gust-of-go for the soul. This is grace, and I like it.

So today, I give myself permission to toss out the to-do list. Today I give myself permission to rest so I can boldly move forward. What do you need to give yourself permission to do in order to move forward? Share your ideas. I’d love to hear them.

rest again Marvia Davidson

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Want to know about Christ resting? Here are some verses and chapters:
John 4, 6
Matthew 12, 14
Mark 2, 6
Psalm 23

Share your thoughts.