It’s Not Too Late {31 Days of Affirmation}

It’s never too late for any of us. The time you start is what matters. The moment you reach into the dream and draw it out with your actions by one simple step matters. The minute you willfully choose that the work is worth doing is what matters. Friends, I want you to know it’s never too late. Until your body is laid to rest in the ground below, it is not too late. In this day 3 post for my #write31daysofaffirmation, I want to encourage you and myself to keep moving forward. Do not stop moving with hope and tenacity. Don’t you dare give up now.

I wanted to post this earlier today, but time and other things got in the way. I almost didn’t make it to even showing up to write these words, but then my heart heard this phrase, “it’s never too late.” I can’t tell you how much weight those words threw off of my shoulders. What I do know is that shame and should-have were quickly escorted out the door, and grace deftly came it. I believe our choosing to speak and think of life and hope can help reframe our perspectives. When storms are raging, these things can settle us. Tonight I affirm again that it is the constantly showing up to life that matters. It is the refusing to give up or back down that carries me through the rough patches. It is the holding fast to hope and faith that make my resolve like steel.


I may be no spring chicken, but I’m not alone in this beginning again and again. I think of Abraham and Sarah who up and moved from a life they knew to a place completely unknown and birthday children beyond child bearing years (Radmacher et all, 1997). They held on to the promised of God and saw it come to pass. I think of the actor, Samuel L. Jackson who started his career late in life (Biography, nd). He is know well known because he kept showing up and age didn’t stop him. I think of the singer Cesaria Evora, who began singing in her 20s but didn’t get her first record deal until the mid 1980s (Pareles, 2011). She kept singing even when she was unknown. I could go on and on, but I won’t. What stands out to me about these three different and distinct stories is how they all began something later in life, as in after age 40; or the began early and were not recognized until later in life. Friends, I’m telling you, it’s not too late. While there is breath in our lungs and life in our bodies, we have the time and opportunity to bring our dreams to pass, to show up and do the work, to make a U-turn if needed. We only have these right-now moments to make a difference.

I want to encourage all of us tonight to remember who and Whose we are. What is that thing softly beating in your chest that refuses to be ignored? What is that refrain your soul whispers between sleep and awake that you cannot deny? Whatever “it” is, consider how you might bring it to fruition and be a blessing to the world. For you have a unique call and purpose that can only be completed by you. Don’t be afraid to start now. It’s not too late. You still have now.

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This is day 3 of my 31 Days of Affirmation. In this series I’ll affirm hope, faith, truth, and encouragement even when life is troubling. Particularly the series ponders what it means to hold on to those things that are good, right, noble, honorable, true, and lovely even when life isn’t so pretty. This means, at least for me, I need to engage and practice and activate my faith as I believe it bolsters my hope. I do this by affirming truth even in the storm. You can read all the series post here. I hope you’ll be encouraged.

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