Welcome 2018 and a New Year More Me!!!

How it has become 2018 so quickly is beyond me! I know, I know. Time marches on whether we like it or not – it really doesn’t wait for us – not at all. It seems the older I get, the faster it flies by. Have you ever noticed that shift in how time moves along? I digress. I’m grateful for a new year and new beginnings. January is a time to reset, review, remember, plan, implement, and then forge ahead. I’m ready to welcome it and all God has for me. Rather than give you a long post about my detailed dreams (of which I have quite a few) and plans for this year, I thought I’d keep it simple by telling you two things: my word for 2018 which is ABIDE and a writing goal I have for myself. I want to get rooted and ground – abide in the truth of Whose and who I am. That’s a steady rock-like place for me to launch ideas and dreams. I also want to write 300 everyday, 365 days for this entire year. Maybe along the way I’ll share some of those bigger dreams and plans, for now, little snippets will work for me.

It may seem like a big hairy goal, but it’s not. When I think about writing and my desire to share my words in specific arenas, I think about showing up. I think of getting to the root of my writing and clearly defining my ideas and offerings. It means getting the words out, wrestling with them, processing whatever I need to process through writing so I can get to the real things I want or need to write about. Some writings may be on posted on my blog- as in I’ll share them on my site, while others may be personal journaling by hand (yeah, you don’t get to see that). Some will be professional: things about education, affirmation, authenticity, creativity, launching a tiny business, becoming an entrepreneur, or my version of a book review/report. The goal will still be the same: commit to write daily.

The process of showing up consistently and frequently is what matters most, and I want to honor my craft by giving myself room to write. The writing helps me remember, pull out what’s most important, question, analyze, revise, cast vision, prune, and to think about life. Since I want a new year that’s more me, writing is a way for me to define and refine these ideas. I don’t need a brand new me. I just want me – the fullest expression of what the Divine One has called and made me to be. One way I know to do that, aside from prayer and wise counsel, is to write. Writing, at least for me, cultivates deeper revelation and helps me see life and purpose with greater clarity. I am all for clearly knowing who and Whose I am, and maybe you are too.

I invite you to do the same. How you can be more you in 2018? Tell me your stories, I’d love to hear them.

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